Laing O'Rourke

Improving the Graduate and Cadet Assessment Centre at Laing O’Rourke

Laing O’Rourke [LOR] is one of the world’s leading construction companies, hiring over 250 graduates and school leavers each year across the UK. But in 2015, the company decided that its assessment centre materials needed a bit of a re-build too. Our friends at LOR wanted something more distinct, creative and powerful to allow them to pick out their future talent. Another challenge was to acknowledge the different target audiences for the different business areas – graduates versus school leaver cadets and engineers versus support function trainees.

Key successes:

  • Revamped the assessment centre tasks for graduates and school leaver programmes
  • Tasks are now very business-specific and give candidates an insight into real Laing O’Rourke projects
  • Improved talent identification and better quality graduates have been hired

The Challenge

LOR had clearly identified the reasons for wanting to refresh their assessment centre materials:

  • Some of the materials were not related or relevant to the industry or organisation
  • There was a feeling that the indicators being revealed are not as powerful, distinct or creative as they could be
  • The audiences are somewhat different: graduates versus cadets, and then engineers versus support functions (IT, finance, HR, QS, Procurement and Estimation)

How the challenge was met:

  • Consultation with the LOR bid team to identify the right project
  • Analysis of the information and insights provided by the bid team in order to extract the relevant information to build an assessment centre task
  • Creation of a suite of assessment centre tasks designed and tested with recruitment team
  • New tasks were introduced into the graduate recruitment process in November 2015

LOR now has a much improved talent identification process and have been able to recruit better quality graduates into the business. Job done ! And not a cuppa with seven sugars in sight…