Gradconsult does TEDx

Gradconsult does TEDx

Rebecca and Mike have had the privilege of speaking at TEDx events - take a look at the videos below. 


Rebecca's talk: Mind the expectation gap

Published on 6 Jul 2015

For most of her career, Rebecca has been involved in the recruitment and development of graduates in the UK. Throughout the years she has noticed that there is a big difference between what graduates expect they will be doing after they graduate, and what they actually end up doing. Rebecca explains how this expectation gap is no good for students, graduates, or employers. In her talk, Rebecca closes this expectation gap by sharing research, de-bunking myths and telling stories about all of the real and fabulous opportunities that are available out there. 



Mike's talk: The work ready graduate conundrum

According to Mike Grey, In the UK, higher education and student experience has improved in recent years but this has also put pressure on graduates to become work ready upon graduation. Mike lays out an ideal balance between employees and graduates and offers ideas that can make it happen. And watch out for Mike's favourite superhero: Expectation Man!