Ellen Logan

What’s my background?

My career has been largely in (or adjacent to) the higher education. In 2015 I started working for Prospects in their higher education services team. This included working alongside labour market experts, undertaking research, sitting on sector panels, speaking to universities and organisations around the UK on the graduate labour market, as well as acting as editor for 'What do graduates do?' publication.  

I was subsequently selected to take part in the Ambitious Futures graduate programme for university leadership. Through this, I managed a variety of projects (from outreach to website design) across three departments at The University of Manchester and Lancaster University. I then moved into a permanent role in The University of Manchester’s Science and Engineering Education Research & Innovation Hub, where I supported the development of primary science and engineering teaching, and led the Great Science Share for Schools national campaign to engage primary school pupils in STEM.  

I have worked on and off with Gradconsult since 2019, first as a project consultant and now as one of their senior consultants. During this time, I also converted a van and spent around two years travelling around the UK and Europe, working remotely for Gradconsult, as well as for Ethical Consumer/ Lush.  


What do I do at Gradconsult?

I joined Gradconsult back in October 2019 as a Project Consultant, primarily delivering the award-winning business support scheme, RISE, in the Sheffield City Region. I led on graduate attraction and the development of recruitment processes, running multiple recruitment campaigns with 100s of graduates from initial screening through to assessment centres. These were delivered face-to-face and then quickly redesigned into fully digital formats to continue effective recruitment during Covid-19.  

Now as a Senior Consultant, my consultancy areas and responsibilities include: 

  • Design and delivery of annual graduate recruitment programmes, from attraction through to on-boarding.  
  • Design and delivery of high-quality learning and development programmes for university students and recent graduates.  
  • Design and delivery of continuous professional development programmes for university and professional clients and partners.  
  • Client and stakeholder management. 
  • Training, coaching and mentoring. 


Life loves

  • Hiking and wild swimming 
  • Political debates at the pub 
  • The smell of coffee 
  • Watching the sunset  

Pet peeves

  • Women with opinions being called ‘aggressive’ 
  • People who drive dangerously around cyclists 
  • Unkind people 
  • The train service in the North of England 


Get in touch

T: 0114 221 0242

M: 07737 290471

E: Ellen@gradconsult.co.uk

LinkedIn: Ellen Logan