Emma Moore
Head of University Partnerships

What's my background?

I joined Gradconsult in October 2022 after 23 years amazing years at the University of Liverpool.

Some highlights from my career at Liverpool:

  • I led the fabulous Careers and Employability Team as Director for five years. During this time, I reimagined careers provision and spearheaded the development of the Career Studio, the UK’s most developed and innovative peer to peer service delivery model whilst also doubling the number of careers professionals working within the institution.
  • As well as service leadership, I have deep expertise in Employer Engagement. I developed and delivered an innovative strategy to target employer engagement activity and strengthen partnerships with employers at a local, regional, national, and international level.
  • I designed, secured funding for, and led several regional projects, including an Office for Students (OfS) Challenge Project to enhance the digital skills of local commuter students, the ESF LCR Graduate Project creating jobs for graduates in SMEs in the Liverpool City Region and LCR Founders, an ERDF funded enterprise project focused on creating co-founded, scalable start ups.
  • I have held leadership and advisory roles as part of a host of sector bodies and charities including AGCAS, ISE and UpReach.

What do I do at Gradconsult?

As Head of University Partnerships at Gradconsult, I lead the University side of the business, managing our brilliant team of consultants Annie, Amber and George. Together with Mike we work on:

  • Strategy projects, research, and consultancy
  • Team L and D
  • Student and graduate development

Recent projects I have worked on include:

  • An employability strategy project for a large university
  • Delivery of review days for several careers and employability senior teams
  • Designing a development programme for emerging leaders in careers teams

Life loves

  • Diet Coke
  • The beach – both the one by my house with the Anthony Gormley statues and the more exotic variety
  • Exploring new ideas and concepts

Pet peeves                                        

  • “We tried that before and it didn’t work”
  • Triangle sandwiches
  • Organised fun

Get in touch

M: 07877 651411

E: emma@gradconsult.co.uk

LinkedIn: Emma Moore

Twitter: @EmmaGradconsult