Sophie Lewin
Project Co-ordinator

Whats my background?

I graduated in 2020 from Sheffield Hallam with a degree in Media Production, I specialised in cinematography and distribution of media. I finished university at the start of the pandemic and I went straight into the optics industry for 2 years where I worked throughout the pandemic and lockdowns. I made promotional videos for local businesses in my area, to aid in their re-openings during covid. I am enjoying the career change working at Gradconsult and I am excited to learn more about the recruitment industry.

What do I do at Gradconsult?

I am a project co-ordinator here at gradconsult. I create content for student and graduate workshops and manage social media accounts and the website for RISE and Gradconsult. I recently took part in the Symposium and Hackathon hosted at the Space Park for Leicester University students.

Life loves

  • Any and all animals.
  • Travelling and experiencing new cultures.
  • Italian food – pizza, pasta, bruschetta, gelato. I’ll eat it all.
  • Ancient history.

Pet peves

  • The media misinforming the public – not cool.
  • Bad drivers – don’t cut me up!
  • Mayonnaise – why is it on EVERYTHING?

Get in touch

T: 0114 221 0242

M: 07361829507


LinkedIn: Sophie Lewin