Amy Collins and Ollie Tarrant

Amy Collins

What’s my background?

I’m currently studying for my degree in Economics from University College London, and taking a year out to begin my career at Gradconsult. 

At university, I was Treasurer and Project Leader of Enactus UCL, where I worked to open Second Shot Coffee, a café in Bethnal Green that trains, employs and feeds homeless and formerly homeless individuals. I've recently completed internships at PwC, Lloyds Banking Group and Standard Chartered Bank. I also have several years of experience in marketing, hospitality and private tutoring.


What do I do at Gradconsult?

I support our consultants with activities such as research, writing adverts, University targeting, candidate screening, graduate presentations/training, project administration/tracking, report writing, systems management and data analysis.

My primary project is supporting the fabulous RISE SCR scheme, working with our graduate interns and businesses. I also undertake a number of other activities in the business like social media, blogging and website content as well as pursuing my own consultancy and research interests, particularly in relation to intergenerational social mobility.


Life loves

  • Pub quizzes
  • Prosecco
  • True crime documentaries


Pet peeves

  • Media bias against millenials
  • Nepotism
  • People not following the one way system in Sydney Street car park


Get in touch

T: 0114 221 0242

M: 07402 237 630



Ollie Tarrant

What’s my background?

I graduated in Law from the University of Sheffield in July 2017. I joined Gradconsult in October 2017, and while it was a slightly unusual route, I am delighted to have found the company and to be working here. At University, I worked as part of the Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre, helping to investigate claims of innocence from convicted criminals. I have worked in a number of customer service roles both before and after University, and am keen to explore the world of graduate recruitment.


What do I do for Gradconsult?

I am a project co-ordinator, assisting the existing consultants in a variety of tasks. These include content writing, research tasks, project administration and contacting universities and local businesses. I am also keen to take on my own projects relating to social media and help to showcase the variety of job opportunities to graduates.


Life Loves

  • Cooking (and eating!)
  • Watching sports, particularly American Football, Rugby and Cricket
  • Quoting Gavin and Stacey, The Office & Peep Show
  • Jazzy Shirts


Pet Peeves

  • Overpriced restaurants
  • People who take themselves seriously
  • The phrase "giving 110%"


Get in touch

T: 0114 221 0242

M: 07429 839 910