Our fabulous support team

Ollie Tarrant - Project Coordinator

What’s my background?

I graduated in Law from the University of Sheffield in July 2017. I joined Gradconsult in October 2017, and while it was a slightly unusual route, I am delighted to have found the company and to be working here. At University, I worked as part of the Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre, helping to investigate claims of innocence from convicted criminals. I have worked in a number of customer service roles both before and after University, and am keen to explore the world of graduate recruitment.

What do I do at Gradconsult?

I am a Project Coordinator, assisting the consultants with a variety of tasks. These include competitor analysis research, data analysis, some delivery work on behalf of clients, presentation design, and internal administrative work, amongst other jobs. I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about our sector and working alongside industry experts every day.

Life loves

  • Cooking (and eating!)
  • Watching sports, particularly American Football, Rugby and Cricket
  • Quoting Gavin and Stacey, The Office & Peep Show
  • Jazzy shirts

Pet peeves

  • Overpriced restaurants
  • People who take themselves seriously
  • The phrase "giving 110%"


Get in touch

T: 0114 221 0242

M: 07429 839 910

E: oliver@gradconsult.co.uk

LinkedIn: Oliver Tarrant



Ned - Head of Employee Wellbeing

Woof! I’m Ned and I'm responsible for making sure the Gradconsult team are feeling paw-some. I make sure to say a friendly hello to all of my colleagues each morning, and I give them cuddles if they are having a ruff day. 

My background is in training and development – I trained my human to give me chicken whenever I sit down (pretty impressive, I know). I’m now responsible for the important task of faxing and regularly fax Shackleton (Kylie’s cat) about big graduate recruiters like Bark-lays and Purrr-kbox.

Life loves

  • Walkies
  • Gabi, my human
  • Socks
  • Cuddles
  • Growling at Donald Trump on TV

Pet peeves

  • CATS! (apart from Shackleton, he's ok)
  • Dog biscuits
  • Wearing my raincoat