Rachel Salmon
Senior Consultant

What’s my background?

I specialise in leadership and management development, and employee engagement and wellbeing… but having worked in many, very diverse settings - I’ve designed and delivered learning initiatives in everything from coaching skills to farming techniques!

Prior to joining Gradconsult, I worked for a number of national and international charities (concerned with youth justice, emergency humanitarian response, healthcare etc). I really enjoyed working with them to overcome the challenges they face by equipping and developing their staff.

I’ve also worked in the cultural sector (at the British Museum), in Higher Education (as a People Development Advisor at Sheffield Hallam University) and in retail.

I have a BSc in Psychology from the University of St Andrews and an MSc in Human Resource Management from Sheffield Hallam University.


What do I do at Gradconsult?

My role as Senior Consultant allows me to work with many different clients with diverse aims. My work and projects cover a range of areas including employability, employer engagement, leadership development, coaching, early careers, future talent, diversity, and culture change. I’m currently working on a reverse mentoring programme, a young person’s skills-building initiative and a ‘women in leadership’ development programme.

I love my work at Gradconsult - supporting individuals and organisations to develop and thrive in a changing world.


Life loves

  • Singing! I currently sing in two choirs…. a community choir and a Welsh choir (even though I’m Scottish!)
  • The outdoors – anywhere green really
  • Light bulb moments – helping people gain new insight and unexpected realisations

Pet peeves

  • People who park across two spaces in a busy car park
  • Employers that don’t seem to care about employee wellbeing


Get in touch

T: 0114 221 0242

M: 07877 288 916

E: rachel@gradconsult.co.uk

LinkedIn: Rachel Salmon